Are you making these 4 Mistakes that make you less Attractive?

You’ve already:

Taken a hot, new profile picture hitting all the right angles using the best quality settings on your premium smartphone,

recruited your best friends to help you craft a killer bio that makes you sound irresistible,

and uploaded that bad boy on the popular dating apps trending on the app store.

After swiping right on a few potential prospects,

while trying to keep a positive attitude,

You ventured out on a series of uneventful dates that only made for entertaining side conversations with your friends at the next game night.

Yet somehow, you still haven’t made a genuine connection with a high-character person that you could build a beautiful relationship.

You’ve already determined that your love languages are words of affirmation,

acts of service,

and quality time.

Yet, you still haven’t found a person devoted to speaking your language so that you consistently feel loved and willing to discover their love language so that you can share all the love you have to give.

You’ve already spent hours on a couch or on Zoom video calls strolling down memory lane, reliving traumatic events,

and crying over heartbreaks with a therapist.

But if we’re honest:

You still haven’t been able to forgive others and yourself,

heal your aching heart,

and re-energize your tired spirit.

You’ve done everything that you’re “supposed” to do.

So why isn’t it working??

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