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poor me to soul rich

Upgrade Your Mindset to Maximize Your Health, Multiply Your Wealth & Magnify Your Relationships

2nd Edition

Stop waiting, asking, and wishing for the life you deserve. Take every aspect of your life to the next level by doing ONE thing – upgrading your thinking.

Your mindset level determines the results, experiences, and things you attract into your life.

Whether you’re tired of settling for less from your life, from your relationships, or yourself, Poor Me to Soul Rich will guide you on your journey to the happy, fulfilling, and loving life meant for you.

By the end of Poor Me to Soul Rich, you’ll know what mindset level you’re currently on and the steps you need to take to upgrade to a Soul Rich life of peace, prosperity, purpose, and love.

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My Reflection

A Guided Journal for Healing, Self-Discovery, and Living on Purpose

Approach each day with intention and encouragement with My Reflection, a guided journal to help you find your voice, live your truth, and become the person you’re meant to be. Best-Selling Author Anthony D Brice presents powerful and therapeutic exercises, morning and evening journaling prompts, daily self-check-ins, and reflective questions to help you process your thoughts and emotions to show up every day with courage and positivity. This inspiring journal is an invaluable tool and support for anyone interested in healing, self-love, self-care, mindfulness, and personal development.

My Reflection is the perfect companion for anyone who is reading Poor Me to Soul Rich. This journal will empower you to get the most out of the book and achieve the best results. It will serve as a space to express and process your feelings but helps you to put what you learn into action to have an immediate impact on your life.

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Are you a counselor, therapist, or coach?

Want to get the best results for your clients? Poor Me to Soul Rich and My Reflection are great resources for counselors, therapists, and coaches who want to help their clients open up and communicate their struggles, wants, and needs more effectively. Give your clients a tool that empowers them to take control of their healing, growth, and mental and emotional health.

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Anthony is an empowerment coach, 2-time best-selling author, Poet, Award-Winning Designer, Brand Strategist, and one of today’s leading personal and professional development trainers. He believes that self-empowerment and self-education are the master keys to personal growth,  life mastery, business success, and holistic fulfillment.

He is the founder of the Impower Group, a multi-level organization dedicated to providing training, education, resources, and opportunities that empower individuals to grow their businesses and build legacies. Through Impower Media, he provides brand and business consulting, as well as book development and publishing services for authors.

Anthony has been blessed to have helped thousands of individuals and businesses produce extraordinary growth, results, and transformations.

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