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Personal Growth

Poor Me to Soul Rich II

$9.99 – $24.99

Upgrade your life by upgrading your thinking. Transform every aspect of your life with Poor Me to Soul Rich! Discover your current mindset and steps to upgrade to a Soul Rich life of peace, prosperity, purpose, and love. Your thoughts shape your reality and attract positive experiences, abundance, and love. Believe in yourself and unleash your full potential with Poor Me to Soul Rich.

“I absolutely love this book. The transparency and relatability in the introduction are profound. All of the passages are extremely inspirational.”

Guided journal

My Reflection

Unlock your potential with My Reflection, a guided journal that ignites your inner voice unleashes authenticity, and aids personal development. With purposeful prompts, daily self-check-ins, and reflective exercises, this journal acts as a steadfast companion supporting your path to healing, self-love, self-care, and mindfulness. Start living a life full of courage and positivity, and embrace the power of self-discovery today.

“This guided journal is a game-changer! It helped me tap into my true self, navigate life’s challenges, and find the courage to pursue my dreams. My Reflection is like having a supportive friend guiding me towards healing, self-love, and personal growth.”

$12.99 – $19.99

Children's Book

I am Powerful, I am Amazing, I am a King


Caught between two worlds, young Kai embarks on a magical journey of self-discovery. Guided by a special friend, he learns about the power of identity, self-love, and self-knowledge. “I Am Powerful, I Am Amazing, I Am a King” is an enchanting tale that empowers children to face adversity with confidence. It’s a must-read for parents who want to inspire their children to believe in their inherent worth and remind them how powerful they are.

“Empowering book for kids of color on bullying and black history. Easy to read with pictures that engage. Boost your child’s confidence. Get it now!”

Love & Relationships

Loving Alone Until We're Together

$9.99 – $19.97

Attract true love and live the life of your dreams by focusing on four critical things to enhance your chances of manifesting the love of your life. Use the four magnets of maximum attraction to determine the quality of your relationships, wealth, health, and life. Start focusing on these four magnets today and watch your life transform before your very eyes!

“This book transformed my perspective on love and relationships with the ‘four magnets of maximum attraction.’ I’ve experienced a remarkable change in my love life and well-being, attracting positive energy and abundance in ways I never thought possible.”


Loving Alone Workbook


Discover the magic of 4 magnets. Manifest your dream life with the Loving Alone Workbook. Packed with powerful prompts and soul-searching questions, it empowers you to heal, reflect, and celebrate your path to love, fulfillment, and self-discovery. Take charge of your destiny today and magnetize the emotions, relationships, and quality of life that align with your deepest desires.

“Wow, this workbook took my journey of self-discovery to a whole new level! The powerful prompts and thought-provoking questions helped me dig deep, heal old wounds, and align with the life I truly desire. It’s like having a personal guide on my path to love, happiness, and creating the life I deserve.”

Personal Growth

Poor Me to Soul Rich


Embark on a journey of self-discovery with “Poor Me to Soul Rich,” a personal growth guide that offers renewed faith, invaluable healing insights, and unconditional self-love. Break free from fear and failure, gain a clearer vision of life, and unleash your true potential. Ignite your spirit, fuel your dreams, and create a life that resonates deeply with your soul with this extraordinary guide to personal growth and self-care.

“Poor Me To Rich Soul is a realistic and compassionate book with practical solutions for life’s challenges. The author’s personal experiences, along with on-point examples, make it a valuable read. It is also a great comfort for adults who need clarity in life. “