My Story

My journey’s been anything but ordinary. It’s a story of hunger, survival, and the relentless pursuit of something greater. And that’s exactly what I’m here to share with you.

From using art and words as a young kid to navigate life to publishing books that dive deep into the human experience, my path has been about turning the hard knocks into wisdom. I’m not your typical motivational speaker or life coach. I’m the guy who’s lived it – the struggles, the setbacks, and the triumphs.

My mission is simple. To help you redefine what legacy means for you. I’m talking about generational transformation – the kind that goes beyond bank accounts and material success. It’s about building a life of purpose, freedom, and deep, lasting love. It’s about being the pioneer in your family who sets the stage for a future that’s rich in every sense of the word.

I don’t just talk about change; I strive to embody it. This isn’t about superficial fixes. It’s about digging deep, facing the tough stuff head-on, and emerging with a vision for your life that’s so powerful, that it alters the course of your future.

I believe everyone has the potential to create a life that resonates at a soul level. Whether you’re battling personal demons, societal pressures, or just trying to find your place in the world, I’m here to guide you through it. Through my books, art, and community, we’ll tackle the real issues, celebrate the wins, and learn from the losses.

So, if you’re ready to step up, break the cycles, and build a legacy that’s about more than just you, you’re in the right place. This journey is about turning your story into a force that shapes not just your life but the lives of those who come after you.

Join me and a community of legacy pioneers who are redefining what success truly looks like. Together, we’ll navigate this journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and profound transformation.

Let’s make your mark on the world – one that’s not just seen, but felt for generations to come. Let’s redefine legacy.

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An empowering guide for gaining clarity, understanding, and finding fulfillment in the most impactful areas in your life.

Approach each day with intention and encouragement with My Reflection, a guided journal to help you find your voice, live your truth, and become the person you’re meant to be. Best-selling author Anthony D Brice presents powerful and therapeutic exercises, morning and evening journaling prompts, daily self-check-ins, and reflective questions to help you process your thoughts and emotions to show up every day with courage and positivity. This inspiring journal is an invaluable tool and support for anyone interested in healing, self-love, self-care, mindfulness, and personal development.