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Poor Me to Soul Rich

Upgrade Your Mindset to Maximize Your Health, Multiply Your Wealth & Magnify Your Relationships

Stop waiting, asking, and wishing for the life you deserve. Take every aspect of your life to the next level by doing ONE thing – upgrading your thinking. Your level of thinking determines the results, experiences, and things you attract into your life.

Whether you’re tired of settling for less from your life, from your relationships, or yourself, Poor Me to Soul Rich will guide you on your journey to the happy, fulfilling, and loving life meant for you.

By the end of Poor Me to Soul Rich, you’ll know what mindset level you’re currently on and the steps you need to take to upgrade to a Soul Rich life of peace, prosperity, purpose, and love.

My Reflection

A Guided Journal for Healing, Self-Discovery, and Living on Purpose

Approach each day with intention and encouragement with My Reflection, a guided journal to help you find your voice, live your truth, and become the person you’re meant to be. Best-Selling Author Anthony D Brice presents powerful and therapeutic exercises, morning and evening journaling prompts, daily self-check-ins, and reflective questions to help you process your thoughts and emotions to show up every day with courage and positivity. This inspiring journal is an invaluable tool and support for anyone interested in healing, self-love, self-care, mindfulness, and personal development.



Anthony is an empowerment coach, 2-time best-selling author, Poet, Award-Winning Designer, Brand Strategist, and one of today’s leading personal and professional development trainers. He believes that self-empowerment and self-education are the master keys to personal growth,  life mastery, business success, and holistic fulfillment.

He is the founder of the Impower Group, a multi-level organization dedicated to providing training, education, resources, and opportunities that empower individuals to grow their businesses and build legacies. Through Impower Media, he provides brand and business consulting, as well as book development and publishing services for authors.

Anthony has been blessed to have helped thousands of individuals and businesses produce extraordinary growth, results, and transformations.

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Soul rich inspirational Card deck

Being Soul Rich means that you live a fulfilling and fully experienced life aligned with what you want and deserve. This 52-card deck will inspire you to navigate those hard times and empower you with insight to healgrow, and manifest a life of happiness and abundance.

This card deck was designed and written by author Anthony D Brice and inspired by his best-selling book, Poor Me to Soul Rich: Spiritual Currency for the Mind, Heart & Soul.

These magnetic cards will help you pour into yourselfconnect with your spiritlive in alignment with your purposelearn true self-love, and practice self-care. Let these cards guide your self-love journey and create the breakthroughs in your life you deserve.


My Vision

To empower people to exercise their natural ability to produce the change, results, and experiences they want in their lives, then go empower as many people as they can to do the same thing.

The Impower group helps transform underserved, disenfranchised, and marginalized communities into the next generation of innovators, leaders, business moguls, trailblazers, and wealth creators.

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“You have the ability to turn your suffering into strength, your wounds into wisdom, and your trials into transformation.”

Anthony D Brice

“You have the ability to turn your suffering into strength, your wounds into wisdom, and your trials into transformation.”

Anthony D Brice


What People say


“Anthony’s words have both encouraged and challenged my life. His passion for encouraging the children is an inspiration!  He has pushed me to make choices despite the distractions in life.  The Blessing is that I get to share it with my family and young men and women I mentor. Thank you for your commitment to truth and people – it is so needed. He is a are a true motivator.”

Dr. L Banks

“Just when I thought my life wouldn’t get any better, I actually saw light at the end of the tunnel. Inspired by Anthony Brice, he inspiring words, his encouragement, just his spirit made me find ME. I had been in an abusive relationship, raising 2 girls, working full time and trying to finish a Doctorate degree. Just the inspiring words, his motivation, his book and all around being an amazing person, Anthony Brice changed my life.”

G.B. Blake

“I found Anthony at a time when I really needed motivation to keep moving forward with launching my business. Anthony’s words not only gave me confirmation, but they were also the fuel that kept me going even on days I didn’t feel like it. Since then, not only was I able to launch my business, I’m also working on several more things I plan to bring forth in the near future. Thank you Anthony, for being a positive light that speaks life & success. I appreciate you for discrediting the doubt & fear, you helped me tap into what was there all along & I’m so happy I pressed follow!”


“THANK YOU for creating such an amazing work of literature (“Poor Me to SOUL RICH”). As a community advocate and mentor, this book came right on time for me during one of the most pivotal points (dealing with grief and ending an engagement) in my life. This book reminded me of my strength, courage, and purpose. In fact, I have shared and referred this book to my tribe and some of my young adult mentees. Nevertheless, continue to be a light! Thank you again!”


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